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Although politicians say we have come out of recession, ordinary citizens still have not felt it on their skin. Debts are still piling up, the number of blocked citizens is steadily increasing, and interest in loans and any other way of lending money is still waning.

It is no surprise, then, that the search for loans in the internet is overwhelming. The loan offer comes from the drones of the internet, lighting poles and social networks. Croatian citizens are looking for the best deals in order to survive another month.

Cost of living is rising


Wages have been stagnant for years, and the cost of living is rising, which is why people choose to take this step. And if they have an unplanned expense, they can hardly finance it from their home budget. However, when choosing the best loan deal with your ad, you need to be careful.

Ads that bombard us from all sides do not always hide our most sincere intentions. Money on hand without signing a contract … – you have certainly seen this countless times. This may not seem particularly dangerous in an emergency, but it certainly has serious consequences.

What is behind the ad loan offer?


Some of these houses that hide behind loan offers are not licensed in Croatia. The said approval should be issued by the Croatian National Bank and its website contains a list of all credit institutions that may legitimately operate. Credit companies that do not have this, operate on the black market and usually do not sign a contract with their clients, and pay the money directly into their hands. Therefore, there is no written record of any money being borrowed or of any amount. It is difficult to prove later that you received the money, and even more difficult that you returned it on the agreed terms.

It is advisable to take the time and ask for more offers from different loan companies. After collecting the same, check which of the loan offers the ad best suits your needs. Do not let the speed of disbursement fool you, consider the long-term consequences of borrowing money without a contract or any written trace.

After collecting and selecting the best deals, do a financial analysis. Think about how much money you need and how much money you can spend each month to pay back debt. Try putting your income and expenses on paper and it will be easier to see where you can save. Whether it’s reducing high fees at the bank, membership fees you don’t use, or spending without any plan. It is important to know how much of a burden a home budget can handle.

Versatile loan loan offer

Versatile loan loan offer

The loan offer is versatile, offering everything from quick and non-purpose loans to loans that are paid out within 15 minutes of submitting your request. Loans are tailored to market needs and can be accessed online in most cases. The submission of the application itself is simplified as well as the approval of the application, since the documentation is kept to a minimum. Just presenting your ID and current account card. There is no credit check, but the client should be paid regularly or in the form of a salary or pension and pay their debts duly.

It is important to sign a loan agreement. In this way, both the client and the credit house are protected from possible legal complications. Contracts are most often found on credit websites, which allows the client to study them peacefully or to seek the assistance of experts, which is not the most obvious thing in the bank.

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